Домой Business How to promote business online.

How to promote business online.


Today we are making a post in English because we are ready to go to the US market and to spread your influence on american networks.  What are the main features of promoting business online for the moment. What should companies do in order to create their image and to establish new services, provided worldwide. Well, lets’s see what tools can help business actors to expand their influece.  Is it possible to buy youtube views as it is one of the instruments of ICT activities.

Why Youtube is the strongest tool to develop company and what are the main peculiarities of this phenomena. Video Bloggers also can affect on public opinion, as it was noticed during past revolutions in many countries. On that reason some states limit the access or even create an internal copy of the popular videohosting. Why it is so important for Russia to spread its Youtube content and how it can be made?

First reason for this is Youtube coverage. Founded in 2005, Youtube shows great development nowdays. 25 January 2020 investigation estimates the number of active Youtube users is more than 2000 million people all over the World and the amount is growing rapidly.  Main language of Youtube is English and users also produce English language content mostly as well as Google is the owner of this network. English speaking users are the core of the audience, most of them (183 millions) are from the US. Internet video watching is well spread both in developed and in developing countries.

The second reason in favor of YouTube is demographic features of the audience. The figures show that average age of Youtuber is 25-35 years. This group is going to be decisionmakers in the nearest future and it is crucial to represent Russia via Youtube correctly for them and their successors.  The type of content for youth is more entertaining than exploratory. As for analytical research, the group interested in this structured content is over 35 and it is needed to take it into account.

The content types for Youtube are limited. It can be short video, long video or documentary. Commercials are also possible. Also comments and short video description are the type of interaction. Anyway, video format is rich enough to convey any idea using standard and non-standard methods of both cinematography and modern blogging. It is needed to create a channel to upload video materials. Some restrictions may also apply. Each channel is recommended to have its main picture, good description, playlists and keywords also. Each video needs its description too in order to be found by potential customers. In common, main ways to represent content on YouTube are:

  1. It is considered as a complete movie.
  2. The format is the large talk between 2 or more.
  3. The plot of the story can be the imagination of the author, it has a lot of options.
  4. Stream video.
  5. TV-show.
  6. Video exploring.
  7. First role reportage from GoPro
  8. Other options.

There are still a lot ways to create video content and it is author point to create new strategies and formats.

Once the channel is established it is necessary to promote both channel and video content. In order to increase the amount of subscribers, views and likes some tools are applicable.

  1. Cross promotion. Mutual blogger-to-blogger advertising.
  2. Paid search on Youtube or other external resources.
  3. Video content optimization. Keywords and description of video.
  4. Organic search on other media resources.
  5. Promoting videos through other webhostings.
  6. Increasing of video sctivities by comments likes etc.

Some restrictions have to be taken into consideration. Copyright is a must. Either for video and visual content or music content provided in videos. There are some tracks recommended for no-license use.
The footage should look interesting for customers otherwise they close it at first 10 seconds and spoil the video stat. The video doubling is prohibited also.

The resources to spread channel’s influence on YouTube are obvious. They are the following

  • Good Idea and strategy
  • Money for advertising
  • Money for making content as well as talent to do it
  • Video team
  • Good team lead
  • Governmental support is optional.

The conclusion is that YouTube is becoming more popular every moment so it is absurdly to neglect it as a tool of business strategy.


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